What are Via's Products?

Via Oncology’s products include evidence-based clinical pathways, decision support software, medical home tools and analytics to support cancer center’s care of patients.


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Via Pathways

Evidence-based care maps for the entire continuum of cancer care, developed by oncologists for oncologists and their teams.


Via Pathways cover medical, radiation and surgical oncology as well as hematology and gynecological oncology care.

Continuum of Care

Via Pathways don’t just cover treatment but also address work-up, precision medicine, supportive care, symptom management, surveillance and advance care planning.

Disease Coverage

Via Oncology covers over 95% of cancers. 

  • Medical Oncology

  • Radiation Oncology

  • Surgical Oncology

Clinical Trials

For each customer, the Via Pathways incorporate the clinical trials open within their research program. Clinical trials are placed ahead of the Via Pathways recommendations and always count as On Pathway.

Via Portal

Patient specific, point of care decision support software that delivers the Via Pathways to the physician and their staff and captures the critical data needed for measurement and improvement of care.

Via Insight

Reporting and analytics that go far beyond simple adherence reporting to providing the key clinical insight that cancer centers need to manage quality and costs

Via Triage

A comprehensive tool for patient symptom triage and tracking, Via Triage is the streamlined process that helps cancer centers create oncology medical homes and keep patients out of the hospital.

Via Cost Analyzer

Highly precise, up to date regimen cost information for use in shared decision making between patients and their oncologists.

Via Medical Home

Via Medical Home supports a cancer center’s patient centered care through not only clinical pathways for treatment but also radiation and surgical oncology, survivorship, palliative care and symptom management/triage. Patient-specific, customizable Treatment Plans and Survivorship Plans are easily generated and printed from the Via Portal. Via Medical Home also supports the collection and reporting of your key quality measures for OCM, MIPS and other payer programs.